Why we want what we can’t have and take for granted what we do have

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There once were two lovebirds that loved each other more than anything in the world. They spent each waking moment with each other and even whilst they slept they were in each others dreams. Soon the Goddess of Love heard about this magnificent love which stood stronger than any love she had created. She became jealous and decided to teach the two lovebirds a lesson. She separated the two from their nest with a strong wind and then wove a spell that made the female lovebird nearsighted and the male lovebird farsighted. Now when the male lovebird is far away from his love he notices her from afar and misses her and seeks her out while she grows idle and restless. When he gets close enough she becomes attached again and tries to keep him close but then he doesn’t see her in the same way so he flies away only to turn around and fall in love again.


I fell in love with an Iron Maiden

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Even when I did right her love cut like a knife

And when I left she was still there etched in my flesh

So much love and so much pain

So much blood washed down the drain


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Mama used to say you never gon’ find a queen in no pawnshop.

Black Holes & Comets

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Women are self-absorbed and Men are self-serving…It would seem that God has a great sense of humor

A woman’s thoughts

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I wish the world were made of glass
so I could scream at it and make it crash
Destroy it all to make a sound
so he can hear my pain and turn around


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Time is the observation of change from one instance to another, true love is an absolute constant that never changes, that is why when you are in love time ceases to exist.

Memories are Priceless

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Alzheimer’s may be natures way of making our memories and moments we have now that much more precious.