Neptune and His Concubine

Gaia: Let me tell you to a story about a woman and a self proclaimed god.

“She was the embodiment of passion

performing like a gypsy possessed by her own spirit

and when she knelt before him

she shamed herself in the only way a woman could

and alas through her efforts she overcame him

experiencing pleasure unparallaled, exhilirated by her conquest

and he rewarded her with bits of fruit and sweet ambrosia

She decorated his body with delicate kisses and marveled at her

work. Her Lost City of Atlantis was filled with Mermurs and he was

her Poseidon.”

Gaia: “Now which one of you think you know the moral of the story?”

Female Listener: “Uhmmm, something about being able to sacrifice, and put something besides yourself first? Selflessness???”

Male Listener: “That men like head. You can’t hope to please your man or maintain an enduring relationship without performing fellatio and doing it well. Your heights of passion will only reach sea level if you don’t have the selflessness to go beyond your shallow claustrophobic comfort zone.”

Gaia: “Bingo.”

Female Listener: “Ewwww. That’s gross.”


~ by whereisdagnytaggart on December 11, 2009.

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