Fortune Cookie

The protagonist’s job in the story is as a writer of quotes, idioms, and fortunes in a Chinese Restaraunt, which has yet to be given a name. Among the fortunes quoted in his cookies are:

“Patience comes to those who wait, Good things come to those who take”

“Love is the condition when, one person’s happiness is essential to your own”

“Lust is a means to an end; Love is the end”

“The meaning to Life is to be the Eyes and Ears of the Creator of the Universe.”

“There is no such thing as karma; A Just Universe wouldn’t tolerate this existence.”

“You are a hopeful romantic.”

“Space and Time was proven to be curved in Einsteins Special Theory of Relativity, therefore each timeline is bound to come around full circle and repeat itself….in a sense, we have already lived our lives once before…Destiny can be proven, if you love her she can be yours forever, just treat her as if this is the first and last chance.”

“She will whisper to you a word whose sound, will Deafen the air for worlds around.”


~ by whereisdagnytaggart on December 9, 2009.

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