The Old Man Of The Sea

There once was an entity, the sole living thing in the universe. Consumed by idleness this being decided to split himself into two so he would not have to be alone. This entity’s soul became divided and formed into a man and a woman. They complimented each other the same way a yin symbol compliments a yang. Two symmetric shapes opposites in most characteristics, but when joined together they formed a beautiful union. One day, they became separated and the young man became filled with sorrow. He felt as if a part of himself was missing, as if he was walking without an arm or missing a leg. He climbed into a boat and paddled out into the vast and meaningless ocean of space and time. He is now an old man, but he has not given up on searching for his other half, so he can feel whole again. Some say he died, and never reunited with his long lost love. He left a message in a bottle, which washed up on the shores of our horizons ; it held his last, and final request. That request was his story, this story…. his love and his pain.

This story will change your world, one person at a time…


~ by whereisdagnytaggart on December 8, 2009.

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